Monday, September 17, 2007

Cancon Content: An Uphill Battle North Of The 49th

The name of Joseph Brant's blog may mean that many folks won't read his very insightful posts because they don't want the computer user in the next cubicle seeing them read something with the word "Homo" in the title.

Not me, of course, (but I do advise a bit of caution if you're both homophobic and tempted to click around his sassy, smart blog) which is why I call this one to my Canadian readers' attention especially.
It's an interesting and probably valid argument, but the fact remains: if American broadcasters, and American media, are going to hype (meaning: advertise, publicize, push) their programming, and if 80% of us still live within 100 miles of the American border, we're probably going to want to watch the shows we're reading about and whose promos we're watching. It's that simple. You'd think the satellite and 500-channel cable TV era would bring with it a (Friedman-esque) flattening of the market, or better, that everyone would find a way to benefit from the "Long Tail"ing of the market.

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