Sunday, September 23, 2007

Bob DiPiero Compares "The Hitmen of Music Row" To The Discovery Channel's "Deadliest Catch"

"The Hitmen of Music Row" on GAC will allow country music fans the opportunity to put the songwriter's face to their favorite song.

"It's kind of a hillbilly 'Seinfeld,'" DiPiero said in an interview with his hometown newspaper - The Youngstown Vindicator - today. "It's a show about nothing. People when they turn in to see 'The Hitmen of Music Row,' they're not going to see a bunch of guys in a room trying to rhyme you with blue, new or dew. It's really about what happens before we write the song."

For all intent and purpose, that process is just plain old living, as the four songwriters hit New York City, Las Vegas and Atlanta with cameras rolling.
"We just live our lives, and hopefully people will get a window as to what it means to be a songwriter," DiPiero said. "I never considered what it was like to catch an Alaskan king crab. I just ate them. I've got a lot more respect for what's on my plate these days after seeing that show. And you get into their lives and just like their lives, we hope people will enjoy getting into our lives."

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