Thursday, September 13, 2007

Jay Trachman Drops A Bombshell

Each Thursday for the past 32 years, I have been opening my mail to read the inspiring, educational, funny, helpful, heart-felt, family-oriented, giving, caring, sometimes edgy but mostly values-based musings and sharing of Trachman. First in "Fruitbowl," later renamed "One To One," but always called CreeYadio (now the name of his website), I and thousands of others have come feel a part of the community he calls "family."

Today, as usual, I opened his weekly prep sheet and read the following announcement:

"One to One plans to end publication on December 24, 2007. I've agonized over this decision, and I've thought long and hard beforetelling you. But this is what I must do, and it's past time to bite thebullet. Other than raising children, this newsletter has been the principal work of my life. I've enjoyed every minute of it - most times, passionately."

Not surprisingly, this guy who has been teaching his radio family how to be successful as a communicator and entertainer for these three decades has been lured into retiring "One To One" by school teaching. Anyone who knows Jay knows that he was born to teach and inspire. At first, when I read his announcement, I was stunned. Then, when the realization that he'll get of the satisfaction of passing his knowledge on to young people dawned on me, I thought how fortunate we subscribers will be in the next 90 days will be to savor his final columns as he moves on to the only job I can think of that he'll be even better suited to than the one he has created for himself for the last 30 years .. teaching. As Trachman put it today in his swan song to his readers:

"If someone wishes to buy the publication, hire me at some fabulous salary to continue doing what I do, I would be open to it. But for now, it's time to move forward with as few regrets as possible. One to One will continue through the end of this volume. I will write more reflections, and a lot of thank you's, in coming weeks. Family, thank you. It's been a wonderful ride."

It sure has, Jay. It absolutely has been. Bon voyage, my longtime friend.

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