Saturday, March 10, 2007 RCS Wins Me Over

I've seen the ads for Clear Channel-Radio Computing Service's new web resource for news people, but had thought it would be just a sales pitch for software or equipment, so I had been slow to click there. OOPS! Former RCS PR director/Marketing Director/trainer Tom Zarecki's great article in the March '07 issue of RBR's Smart Media on 'dream equipment for the perfect newsroom' finally got me clicking (and very impressed). links to major news radio station sites, 50 major newspapers, local gas prices, writing tools, news consultant tips, confusing words, news writing forum and more.

Most of us check Matt Drudge's stuff each morning, but did you know that his dad Bob Drudge has been running a useful reference site for many years too?

Ya learn something every day (if you watch for Zarecki's byline in trade media and add these to your bookmarked favorites!)..

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