Monday, March 12, 2007

TK Plans To Do A Movie Every Two Years

Toby Keith's debut film "Broken Bridges" has been such a positive experience for him that he's planning on acting in films often.
"I'm going to try to do a movie every other year," Toby says matter of factly. 'It's about all I can do, unless something comes along that's great that I don't have that much to do with somebody else's movie maybe spend a month playing a great part, I'd do that. But, to have the lead role, have a whole movie wrapped around what I do, I can only do about every other year. It's real time consuming, a lot more than people want to believe it is. Even if you're only shooting for 6 or 8 weeks, the prep time for it and all the media and the soundtrack and all that stuff we get involved in a Show Dog, its really time consuming. I'm working on a script right now called, "Beer For My Horses," I'm going to do a full motion picture on it. I just got get off my lazy butt and finish the script."
-- Neil Haislop

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