Saturday, March 03, 2007

Who Controls Country Playlists? It Emerges As A Bigger Issue Than Whether To Play The Dixie Chicks

Edison Research's Tom Webster offers an enticing tease to check out both his blog and also Edison's website on Monday afternoon, when the full research reports on this project as well as the Hispanic listeners study too:
"One of the interesting things we have tracked all three years is Americans’ attitude about the Dixie Chicks. This year, we registered no significant change in the political leanings of Country listeners. The only slight change from last year was a 2% shift from moderate to very conservative (which was 11% last year,) but the other numbers remain unchanged. What did change--markedly--was the opinion of the Country partisans we surveyed on whether or not the Dixie Chicks should continue to be played on Country radio. With political affiliations stable year over year, I was surprised to see as much movement in this stat as we did. By now if you are in the business of Country radio you have had to deal with this issue, and maybe you are thinking there is nothing new here. There is something very new here, however. This year, we probed a little deeper--not into opinions on the Chicks, but into Country partisans' opinions on playlists--and who controls them. The results are important, and must not be overlooked as Country radio begins what looks to be another great year."

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