Saturday, March 03, 2007

Rosin: "Country Needs To "Court" Hispanic Listeners." Ramsey Worries We'll Go Fishing In Cold Zip Codes

Mark Ramsey, president of hear 2.0, the audio entertainment strategy company, and Mercury Radio Research makes a good point in his blog in the event you weren't AT Edison Research chief Larry Rosin's actual presentation Thursday in Nashville and all you know about it is what has been reprinted from the press release:

"Sometimes certain natural groups of listeners gravitate to what they gravitate to. And your job is to be in the right place with the right format. Not to seduce a round peg into a square hole. Remember, sometimes tailoring your round hole to a square peg means even the round pegs stop fitting. Our job as marketers and programmers isn't to sell ethnic audiences on Country radio, it's to find out what audiences want and deliver it to them, no matter what it is."

.. however, those of us who did hear Larry in person know that he would not disagree with Mark at all. In fact, his recommendations on what country radio stations could do to attract Hispanics are things we all need to do whether we want more ethnic listeners on not: engage them, invite them, make them feel welcome.
Rosin put it this way:
"Whether you want a McDonald's burger or not right now, there is no question from their marketing that McDonalds wants you to know they want you to have one right now. Do potential listeners of your station - Hispanic or not - know that about you?"

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