Monday, March 26, 2007

Tuesday, Tim "Let's It Go" (On Sale)

Tim McGraw’s new studio album “Let It Go, first single "Last Dollar," serving as the ambassadorial first smash hit, is in stores TOMORROW.

With almost three years between albums, McGraw went back into the studio with his Dancehall Doctors band for the third time and once again Tim is looking forward to sharing the new music with his fans.
“I feel like we are really hitting a stride between the band, Byron and myself,” McGraw told scribe Neil Naislop.

Among the tracks contained on the album is the duet “I Need You” with Faith Hill that has been the show closer on the record breaking Soul 2 Soul II Tour. Also on the album Tim's rendition of Eddie Rabbit's "Suspicions,", plus a tune called the most traditional, and FAITH joins him on another tune called "Shotgun Rider".

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