Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I Have Blog Envy

Chase Murphy is a native of South Texas who lives and works in San Antonio, best-known for his work as an on-air personality for KXXM and as Program Director for Mix 96.1, Q 101.9 (KQXT) and La Preciosa 105.7 (KQXT-HD3).  

His blog is a treasure and I finally got my hands on his book which was released in February.   

"I thought about being good, but that’s not enough.  Anyone could be good.  Terrific is a solid choice too, but I think great trumps terrific.  At least in my definition of the words.  I want to be a great father.  A great husband.  A great son and brother.  A great friend that anyone would love to have.  I want to be great at life.  I want to be greater than the person I was yesterday. 

"When writing out your goals and visualizing what you want to be in life you should add your one word to the list.  Put it on a sticky note and place it in front of you at your desk.  Leave reminders to yourself wherever it makes sense and filter your actions in life through your one word.  Like goals, writing it down helps to make it real.  Some people do this with religion and that’s perfectly fine, but beyond your beliefs, I think you still need that one defining word.  If you hold yourself to the standard of the meaning of that word, others will contagiously share that word when describing you. 

"What can be bad about that?  Unless your word is asshole…then I would suggest a different word. "

Grab a copy (click to read a bit of it here) and, just like I am doing here,  pass it on to a friend.  They'll thank you.

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