Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Does "How" Matter More To Yogurt Than It Does To You?

I got caught up in Hamdi Ulukaya's rags-to-riches Horatio Alger story recently while watching an online replay of his panel at the New York Ideas Festival.

His interviewer/senior editor of The Atlantic Derek Thompson recommended going to the "How Matters" website for the popular yogurt, which managed to pull off a Daniel-Goliath triumph that restores your faith in the basic laws of capitalism, to learn how values and mission propelled an attack on several of the biggest food companies in America.

It made me ask myself "do people come together to celebrate everything they love about our business?"

Does it matter why you put your show together today?

Does listening to your radio station make listeners feel better about themselves for doing so?

If you are stuck for new ways to deepen the relationship with your target audience and your radio station, click around Chobani.com.

I'll bet it makes you hungry for some great yogurt ... and also for rethinking, then restating, your responsibility to listeners.

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