Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Seven Words

Q:  My listeners say almost all of the things you cited in your previous post when I talked to them by phone, text and on social media, but I agree with your point that when we montage them in radio station imaging they often do sound inauthentic.  What to do?

A:  The trouble with those typical multi listener-voiced self-promotion images isn't just the choice of verbiage. 

In fact, I borrowed those benefit statements from real listener promos that came from things actual folks really did say to their favorite stations.  The lack of genuineness comes from the length of them combined with the fact that what were stated as simple phrases when each listener said them to a personality come across as unbelievably lengthy compound-complex sentences when they get edited together.

1.  As you employ listener voice testimonials, apply the seven letters (W-A-R-P-A-S-T) and then go one step farther.  Imaging should talk in telegrams.

2.  Keep listener testimonials short and simple:  seven words at most.

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