Friday, April 19, 2013

Thank You, Congressman Todd Young

Join me in making sure he knows how much we appreciate this

Boston and West, Texas, are just the two latest examples of how important local emergency information is - broadcast by mass media every day, somewhere.


Jerry Del Colliano said...

Minot happened again this week as Clear Channel got caught with its pants down big time Wednesday saving money over saving people’s lives. It’s real embarrassing.

Anthony Townsend In Atlantic Cities said...

Almost immediately after Monday's tragic bombings at the Boston Marathon, the city's cellular networks collapsed. The Associated Press initially reported what many of us suspected, that law enforcement officials had requested a communications blackout to prevent the remote detonation of additional explosives. But the claim was soon redacted as the truth became clear. It didn't take government fiat to shut down the cellular networks. They fell apart all on their own.

As cell service sputtered under a surge of calls, runners were left in the dark, families couldn’t reach loved ones, and even investigators were stymied in making calls related to their pursuit of suspects. Admirably, Boston residents and businesses responded quickly by opening up Wi-Fi hotspots to help evacuees communicate with loved ones.

But most, even the super-connected elite, were knocked offline.

The same thing happens every time there is a crisis in a large city.

Zack Owen said...

Clear Channel's WACO-FM is organizing an online auction of artist memorabilia with proceeds benefitting the West, TX fire department, whose members were among the first-responders to Wednesday evening's (4/17) massive explosion at the West fertilizer plant.

KILT The Bull 100.3 said...

KILT, Houston, is teaming up for a joint relief effort benefitting West. The CBS stations have set up a donation site at a Kroger from 2pm-7pm and are collecting bottled water, blankets, toiletries and non-perishable food items. They will attempt to fill an 18-wheeler full of supplies, which will head towards West tomorrow morning.