Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Whose Toes?

George House, PD/AM cohost at WAXX/Eau Claire is asking his entire jock team to take photos of their bare feet this week so that listeners can do a "Match the Toes" of the WAXX airstaff web contest.
"We'll have one column with our staff photos and a different set with JUST OUR FEET! Listeners will have to match the jock with their correct feet. The winner who gets the most correct, will be on the WAXX fun bus to see the Zac Brown Band! ("Toe's in the sand" and all). Give little clues if you'd like (I might paint my toes Green & Gold!) You can take any angle you'd like; top, bottom, feet in grass, feet on carpet, extreme close-up feet, whatever...use your imagination...but have fun :)."

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