Saturday, November 07, 2009

How Many Stations And Formats Is PPM Going To Kill Off?

An 18-34 ranker in one of the PPM markets ARB released last week is six pages long. Almost three of those pages have next to no numbers at all on them.

Prediction: we will see more WDTW's giving up trying to be the #2 player in PPM, which will be a boon to the one which lasts.

Ironically, WYCD outlasted its previous competition (WWWW) nine years ago too and now the CBS/Detroit team is once again celebrating the glow of being a format dominator, so there's a lesson in this as well. Don't pull the plug too soon, if you think the other guys may do it first.

Being the only country station in a PPM market may be as powerful as being one of two or three - fighting for metered time spent exposed in this format with geographic hot and cold spots - is difficult.


Facebook Thread said...

Lee Ann Taylor
I don't know, but some programmers are over reacting to the info from PPM. You can't have an itchy trigger finger.

Tidwell Lance
Not near as many as poor long term strategy.

Joe Knapp
Every single one, at least until they figure out that they should be ignoring PPM and focusing on helping local advertisers sell their products. It doesn't matter how many listeners you have. The winner is the one who makes the most money!

Dave Newton
Amen, Joe Knapp. We all need a culture change. Ratings have ruled too long. To the barricades!! Up with real, hometown radio, Down with the bean counters!

Bob Wood said...

I suspect a contrarian will eventually show the radio world how programming for substance and not PPM style points will be the long term winner - with listeners and advertisers. I envy that person as they will work for an enlightened company.

Robby Bridges said...

Hard to believe 1984 was a quarter century ago. It stands as a milestone year due to George Orwell's thrilling work of futuristic fiction. Oddly enough, here in this digital age known as the early 21st century, I would argue that radio was better suited to serve the needs of today's listeners, in many circumstances, 25 years ago.

John Rudzki said...

Live and Local Is the way to go...

Lance Tidwell said...

Live and local isn't the only way, just good would be fine. I like PPM better than the diary and I believe they are both about the same goal. Getting people to listen more. I question the silly tactics (dry segues, no jocks) that will/are/could be used for short term gain versus long term loyalty. If we could switch to no measurement that would be fine but it would likely lead to "Katie bar the door" with most sales departments and the creatives days would be numbered.