Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Country's Audience Shares Drop, But Revenue Shares Increase

As the RAB reports more "green shoots" in the haggard economy, country radio's format conversion ratio improved even as 12+ audience shares dipped in Miller, Kaplan, Arase's latest annual data.

Last year, there were 104 country stations reporting in the top 100 markets with a 4.69 share of listeners and a 6.66% share of radio revenues.

Power ratio = 1.42, which was up from 2007's 1.36, based on an average audience share of 5.06 and a share of marketing dollars of 6.90. In 2006, country's 12+ average share of audience was 5.36 and the format got 7.01% of local radio dollars, making the power ratio trend 1.31, a "good news/bad news scenario."

Let's build reveues by growing audience, eh?

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