Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Biggest PD Mistakes

  1. Forgets that the most important part of the job is to protect the station's license.
  2. Still thinks that it's a sales versus programming world and as long as (s)he gets ratings (s)he has done the job.
  3. Doesn't worry about heavy radio-users or passionate fans of the kind of music the station plays.  Targeting takes care of itself.
  4. Does whatever it takes to win.  Ethics and fair treatment of his/her employer and coworkers do not matter as long as the station is winning and profitable.
  5. Has a 'not invented here' attitude about new ideas and approaches.  Doesn't bother to network or seek objective opinions of knowledgeable counsel.
  6. Under-estimates the competition.
  7. Sees radio as a craft, not an art.  You can get everything you need to know by copying winning radio stations in the same format in other markets.
  8. Feels that people are replaceable.  As long as everyone is working as hard as possible, everything is fine.
  9. Thinks that business management is the GM's job and time management is a sales thing.
  10. Doesn't need research.  (S)he knows what listeners want.

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