Thursday, September 11, 2014

30 To 39

Visualization by Martin De Wulf (@madewulf)
Today’s Gen Xer is the parent of Millenials, making at first glance what statistically is the smallest age cohort in our population a poor target for marketers.

Look again.

When it comes to how someone feels, 30-39 may be the largest target!

Call it attitude age

Middle age men think of themselves as younger than they are. 

20 to 29 year olds often think of their parents as among their best friends, seeing 30+ as they peers. 

Did youygo to college?  Have a comfortable income?  It’s likely statistically that you also feel younger than you chronologically are.  Singles feel older and divorcees, younger.

The folks thinking of themselves as feeling between 30 and 39 attitudinally is a huge group.

Find out how old your listeners feel they are and target that age!

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