Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Becoming More Memorable

  1. Use all available media to the utmost of your ability, but before deciding which to make use of, choose your message.
  2. Promote who you are and what you stand for.
  3. Start by using your own airwaves and digital tools.
  4. Give away lifestyle prizes as your rewards for listening. 
  5. Cash is the easiest lifestyle universal.
  6. Create a memorable brand name and catch phrase which encompasses all of the above.
  7. Don’t expect it all to work quickly. 
  8. Great marketing and branding, let alone product development, take time to be effective.
  9. Cume building contests and campaigns still work and must employ outside advertising.
  10. Ah, there’s the rub.  Trying to build cume without buying advertising may improve your time spent listening and can generate word of mouth if done very creatively, but that strategy adds to the time it will take.
  11. TV morning shows dominate outdoor in most markets today with creative that looks exactly like morning radio used to do.  Small wonder that our pre-8 am audience is gravitating to TV at home.
  12. Time spent listening is driven by recycling audience. 
  13. Tease with specifics, theater of mind and exact times.
  14. Ah, here’s another rub:  everyone else knows that too, so depending on it to drive your growth requires doing all of these things better than all of the other choices listeners now have.
  15. Target hot zips, the neighborhoods where your most loyal listeners live and work.
  16. Do appearances in “blitzes.”  Create the image that where ever your fans and prospects go, you’re there too. 
It’s impossible to keep this up constantly.  Plan tactically and conserve your researches.  It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

The goal:  make potential listeners feel like you’re constantly visible in their community.

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