Friday, October 12, 2012


a : assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something
b : one in which confidence is placed

Just because a brand's name is "trust," how do you know that you can actually trust it?

As a personality on a well-known radio station that folks have used for a very long time, you start - hopefully - with at least the benefit of the doubt from your listener.

If you're on a new radio station, you have a lot of likeability and trust-building to do.

In either case, trust is a bank account which you're either making deposits in or taking withdrawals out of.

Steps to adding to the amount of trust in your account with your audience:

Tell The Truth.
Do what you say.
Honor your promises.
Show openness.
Show consistency in your behavior.
Be competent.
Demonstrate a strong moral ethic.
Be neutral when placed in difficult predicaments.
Aim to be objective and show fairness.
Do not display double standards.

Share credit generously.

When you're the boss:

"There is a science behind trust—a science you can apply to almost every situation." -

"Engendering trust is, in fact, a competency that can be learned, applied, and understood. It is something that you can get good at, something you can measure and improve, something for which you can "move the needle." You cannot be an effective leader without trust. As Warren Buffett put it, 'Leadership without mutual trust is a contradiction in terms.'" - Stephen M. R. Covey

"Trust is to an organization what oil is to a car engine. It keeps the moving parts from seizing up and stopping forward motion." - Michael Hyatt


Stephanie Wynans said...

Your radio station is a brand. Your brand has a voice. But is your brand voice saying the right things online? Think of your brand as a person. Would you be friends with someone who talks about himself constantly, doesn’t engage in conversation, or ignores you? No, and neither would your listeners.

Kim Carson said...

You know Jaye a couple of my old listeners made me cry today. I have been off the air since may 31st and while I was shopping at three different stores former listeners that I ain't met before randomly heard my voice and came up to me to say they haven't listened to the ration since I left, why am I not on the air somewhere, and old me will follow me wherever I go. When I heard it at the 3rd location it just brought tears to my eyes. The connection we can still make through radio speakers is unmatched. The ability o connect cannot be taught, it cannot be faked and as you said it has to be real. Loved your article...