Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Little Promotion From Radio To Our Music Biz Friends

Each week, music promoters reach out to radio.  They call, email, visit in person, all designed to remind us that their artist or song is on the upswing.

This week's Billboard Magazine contains a powerful reminder that it's time for radio to reverse the transaction to be sure that music business decision-makers aren't taking us for granted as they contemplate what sells music for them.

Last year we ranked #18 on their list of priorities and now we're down to ranking #35.


Hey, music biz:  I guess it's true that you always hurt the one you love!  And, THAT hurts.

Fortunately, thanks to the Country Music Association, I have a few stats to point to that hopefully will return radio to a higher rank on the annual "moves music now" survey next time it's updated (click on each graphic to enlarge it):


Thanks, CMA!  It's so wonderful to have a few FACTS at our fingertips to remind our music business friends that they still need to be where the music buyers and fans are.

Those people still rank radio #1 as THEIR platform which still moves their country music now.

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