Monday, October 29, 2012

Good Questions

Selecting the "right" job-seeker for a gig has always been important, of course.

Now that savviest managers look at every hire as an exercise in branding as well as people skills and talent, it has taken on even greater value.

As you interrogate candidates for your next on-air opening:
  • Describe the type of relationship with the Brand Director that works best for your show?
  • The Market Manager?
  • What kind of prep system (if any) is used to prepare your content?
  • How do you structure it to keep entertainment level consistent?
  • How much time do you spend preparing and when/where do you do it?
  • Describe one of your best ever bits, stunts or other content that really did exactly what you wanted it to do?
  • What characteristics make your persona distinctive?  
  • How does that work in your interactions with coworkers, other personalities and listeners?
  • What are your strongest/weakest areas as a personality?
  • What does "creative" mean to you?  Give an example of creativity in action for you as you work?
  • How do you define our station's target listener?  What is cool/not cool with them?
  • What is your theory on controversy on your show?
  • What if a morning competitor attacks you on air?
  • How do you integrate podcasting, social networking, blogging, the mobile web, texting, phone calls into your prep and content?
  • Where do you want to be in five years?
Note to applicants:  if your potential employer doesn't address the 'right' issues in your job interview, that may be a red flag for you as well, before accepting the position.

While the employer is quizzing you, make certain that YOUR needs and concerns are honestly discussed as well.

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