Thursday, October 25, 2012

"Nashville" Needs A Push

ABC-TV's new Wednesday night series spinning juicy tales of life in the country music community of Music City has its third "test" next week.

Last week's airing had a weaker lead-in than the premiere episode, so you know that network execs are watching the stats very carefully between now and February, when the show is scheduled to end its first year run.

It would be great if it gets picked up for another run.  It's loaded with country music, and the writing is addictive.

Get behind the show.  Talk to your local ABC-TV affiliate's promotion staff and also your Big Machine Records rep (they will have a soundtrack album coming soon).

Gossip about it, i.e.  "Is Hayden Taylor?"
Could you get your listeners "walk-on" parts in the show, being produced right now?
Do "Nashville" viewing parties locally for your listeners.

It's not often that Country Music gets a prime time slot on network TV.

Let's all take full advantage of it.

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