Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Mobile Money Is On The Move

The future of online revenue growth is going to increasingly come from mobile devices.  Ad insertion to mobile streams will work, but the level of unwanted interruptions will need to be under two to four minutes per hour. 

The quality of the ads will need to fit the environment you create around them.  The rates will need to be higher than anyone is getting today. 

Two five-six minute commercial breaks, carefully placed for maximum listening credit will continue to work in PPM for AM and FM radio as long as no direct competition plays fewer. 

100% simulcasts do make radio more listenable than what we've offered, but the long breaks will push the mobile listeners away unless we find ways to create content that drives constant usage and either charge subscription fees for hearing it with no commercials and/or create custom content designed just for mobile listeners with extremely brief pre-rolls in front of it.

The future isn't as different as many people paint it, as long as we remain open to the hard facts of the expectations listeners and advertisers have and build our businesses around them.

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