Thursday, May 17, 2012


San Diego's #1 radio station is also the market's only country station these days and it would be wrong to conclude that the only reason Lincoln Financial's San Diego team has had four straight up PPM monthly trends is because they're now the only country station in town after a protracted battle for country leadership.

Certainly, TSE for any station normally goes down when it has a direct format competitor and quickly goes UP when a passionate cume has only one choice for their favorite music and KSON has certainly benefited from that too.

However, a big chunk of the credit has to go to John & Tammy, who left Madison, WI, just eleven months ago after convincing KSON management that they knew what to do to win in this very clever video.

Take notes, aspiring personalities.  They promised they could do it and now, the proof is in and they did it.

Very impressive!

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