Monday, May 21, 2012

Charting In The 30s

They call radio's music decision-makers week after week, pushing the "projects" they are working like boulders up a steep incline.

This is the part of the chart where songs and artists get stuck and almost all of them ultimately run out of time and budgets for the promotion it takes to go much farther.

Why would anyone expend the money and energy on the extremely long shot these folks are taking?

Here's why:

15 months ago Kip Moore showcased for A&O clients at our annual pre-CRS seminar.  It's taken more than a year, but it looks like this could be the week he notches his first #1 single.

Congrats, Kip!  You give every aspiring future star hope.

It's been exciting to see so many newcomers topping the charts in the last year.

Indeed, there's "something about a #1," making the travails along the way, the long odds against you, worth it all.


Shelly Mullins, Webster PR said...

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Jaye Albright said...

That is another pay off to the trying drive up country's charts.

Once you've made it, even when your current releases no longer go all the way, you'll have a long life performing in smaller venues for die-hard fans who seem to never forget you.

And, finally, there's always Cracker Barrel.