Monday, May 14, 2012

The Lowest Week Of 2011 For Radio Usage

Every year BBM/Canada publishes a Radio Data Book which provides an overview of national, provincial and local radio tuning based on the latest fall radio survey and the previous four fall surveys.

This reference book provides a picture of radio tuning habits, both during the most recent calendar year and over the past five years.

The new one came out last week and "week 18" of 2011 was the lowest week of the year.

What happened during that week, which I originally thought was April 22-30?  Good Friday, followed by Easter Sunday and Easter Monday, but an anonymous commenter below (says) IS the Christmas and New Year's Holidays (see my reply, below too).

A great reminder about PPM ratings:  what THEY were doing trumps everything WE were doing.


Anonymous said...

Actually it's week 18 of the broadcast year which would mean it's the week between Christmas and New Year's.

Jaye Albright said...

Thanks, anonymous. I since you're anonymous, I don't think I will redo the blog but if that's true it would certainly make more sense, so I apologize for my mistake, I guess, and hope you're right. So the "broadcast year" starts in September, eh? I knew about broadcast months for billing purposes, but you'll need to remind me to wish you a Happy New Year in September. The point still stands, of course: what they do in their lives trumps what WE do.

Brian Bushner said...

Hey Jaye! Very informative!

I found this on the BBM website:

It looks like Week 1 of their broadcast ratings period starts Aug 29th

Thought you'd like the confirmation.

It's interesting to see a downslide around Valentine's Day on weekends. Perhaps people want to avoid sad love songs?

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