Thursday, February 03, 2011

Morning Radio Revisited

There simply aren't enough freshly-updated training tools available for managers, coaches and talent - at a time when it's becoming obvious that strong personalities who understand how to relate locally, interact, engage, involve, tell stories, evoke emotions, edit themselves brutally and entertain consistently will be the theme of the year 2011 for radio as our old medium learns that music with not much talk is becoming a ubiquitous commodity.

"Often we get so hung up on the big idea that we don’t recognize the small but meaningful moments that can endear personalities to fans. We spend hours seeking the next big thing and often never find it. What could you do instead?
Return every phone call and email.
Send a handwritten card to five people.
Produce new content to your blog.
Record a podcast on a specific topic you are passionate..."

Tracy Johnson was a leading programmer for 25 years, a successful radio station manager after that and he has just condensed the current state of the art into 110 meaty, readable, useful pages!

I just reviewed his newest book and can recommend it highly. Be the first in your market to read it!

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