Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"The New Radio"

ABC-TV has been the television home of all things CMA for the past five years and network executives just created this knock-your-socks-off video recap of the high points of the relationship from their perspective, expressing the hope that the partnership continues for another term.

The net, they say, loves using music in many of their shows and has been finding that music discovery can have a powerful multiplier effect to the benefit of all involved.

I was nodding affirmatively to all of that when I recently saw their strong pitch -- until they uttered five words which caught me by surprise, "TV Is The New Radio."


Both local and national television morning offerings have been sounding more and more like the very best radio morning shows for many years, attempting to eat into our medium's traditional "at home" audience, marketing their personalities, teams, and services in the same way radio stations once did but rarely do anymore.

But, this was the first time I had ever heard another "old medium" so explicitly crave the "cache" of radio in the new media space.

Let's not forget, take for granted, or fail to promote the many great things radio still possesses, clearly much-desired by this sister broadcaster!

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