Monday, February 21, 2011

Do It Right "Orr" Else

Paul Orr: be certain what goes between your songs stands out ... in only the "best" ways:
  • Use local lifestyle for imaging content
  • When imaging flows into the music, you have extra momentum
  • Listen to your competitors for claims that you might turn 180 degrees and use against them
  • Use hooks as themes for imaging
  • Hot new thing: produce jingles for song stamps so the integrate with your music and don't sound like "old" jingles
  • For random audio: clips from remotes where the talent is very excited, after Listener Advisory Board panels
  • Listeners doing imaging adds to ‘personal’ feel of station.
  • Set up listener comment line to collect comments
  • Sound real; communicate the core values and listener benefits in as real and brief a fashion as possible.
  • Listeners are burned on hype; let listeners talk about you instead of us talking about us. No chest thumping.
  • Think: brevity, creativity and sincerity.
  • Use artists (or listeners) to explain a contest
  • Add random but related copy to attract listener attention.
  • Archive artist audio for music and contest promos.

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Graeme Newell said...

Don’t build a product, then try to market it. Instead, build a customer attitude, then build a product to match that attitude.

Most customer are not in love with your product, they are in love with how they feel about themselves when they use your product.