Sunday, February 22, 2009

My New Favorite Country Radio Web Page (Where The Strategy Is Evident At First Glance)

At most major market clusters, the country PD oversees a couple of radio stations' programming and complains about the websites.

So, you have to hand it to CBS Radio Seattle market manager Lisa Decker.

Everyone knows, I hope, that KMPS PD Becky Brenner is an amazing programming executive and leader of both people and organizations.

So, when CBS traded one of the stations she was overseeing to Clear Channel, Brenner was named cluster interactive manager in addition to her KMPS duties.

I can already tell the difference in the KMPS site and interactive tactics. Can't you? (for example, you won't see a banner ad for anything on the station home page that doesn't generate LOTS and LOTS of money. i.e., Text club sign up is at the top because it enhances the brand with the target, makes money, creates community and drives ultra core usage.)

Bookmark this page, and as usual run as fast as you can to keep up.

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Anonymous said...


I also wanted to comment on another tactic in CBS's online strategy.

While listening online to an "AOL radio" offering, I heard a promo for KMPS's morning show. It was a "best of" interview bit from Ickabod, tagged with the station's website and setting an appointment to listen to KMPS & other CBS radio stations on my AOL radio player (in addition to AOL's online music offerings).

I was impressed that KMPS reached out to "where I live" to suggest usage. I'm sure this is a CBS initiative, but don't hear these promos for all the CBS outlets (country or not), so I applaud Becky's diligence in providing this content. Kudos to KMPS!

Enjoy your blog, Jaye!

RJ Jordan