Friday, February 27, 2009

Do Our Clients Believe In Radio More Than Our Owners Do?

Neal Bocianis President of Boston's Neal Advertising tells some painful and powerful truths on his blog today as he reviews the Boston Ad Club's recent radio day, especially the presentation by Clear Channel's John Hogan:

I found your perspective on the future of radio, Mr. Hogan, humiliating to my brothers and sisters in the audience. You are a leader in our industry, and with that title comes responsibility to lead our respective “tribes” with ideas for improvement and reinventing ourselves in order to gain market share. I know that’s what the audience was anticipating. I know that’s what I was expecting. Anyone can be negative these days, it’s the responsibility of our leaders like you, Mr. Hogan, and leaders like myself, to encourage our young people, as well as our seasoned people to grab the bull by its horns. We should be the evangelists and ambassadors of radio and the new products that each of the stations brings to the table.

Hopefully, radio's leaders will borrow a page from President Obama lately and add a bit of hope and optimism to their messages. In this economy, that's something in short supply.

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