Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Things We Love/Hate About Country

Tom Taylor at Radio-Info is putting together a special feature for their CRS-40 issue. He's asking lots of folks two questions, and here are my responses, to get the discussion started:

* 40 Things We Love About Country
How accessible and radio-friendly the artists are.
The incredible broad demographic reach.
The core values of country fans.

* Tough love – 40 Things Country Radio (or Country Music) Needs
If it hopes to grow with 20-39, it simply must expand beyond America's Southeast in its content. The fact that Kid Rock was able to successfully sing about Northern Michigan is a hopeful sign.
We need a fashionable Hispanic female and an Asian male to release a wonderful song duet which becomes a big hit. We need a Hispanic country superstar or two, yet sadly the chances of that getting played are about as good as the core welcoming back the Dixie Chicks.

I hope this generates lots of comments! And, Tom, thank you for opening this thread which is sure to get folks talkin' and thinkin'.

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Ed Hill said...

I volunteer to be the Asian male singer you are talking about.

Ed Hill