Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Which Is More Important: A Large TV Audience? Or, Recognizing Hall Of Famers?

The TV network folks make it clear every year as they pour over the Nielsen minute by minute audience flow during the awards broadcasts: the only thing that matters to them is the size of the audience and the entertainment value.

The venerable Hazel Smith has a different take on it.
"One of our biggest acts in country music is Rascal Flatts, and they've apparently gained the right to perform two songs on the CMA Awards. But is anybody else singing two songs? I don't think so. Rascal Flatts will perform one of those songs with Jamie Foxx, a talented actor, comedian and musician who won an Oscar for his marvelous portrayal of Ray Charles in the movie, Ray. We claim Ray Charles as one of our own. We also have a lot of respect for Jamie Foxx's talents, but does he have enough country music muscle to perform on the CMA Awards show when there's apparently not enough time to honor the Hall of Fame inductees? Not in my book."

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