Monday, October 01, 2007

The Part Of Google AdWords Which Has Me Worried

Some of the sharpest debate at this year’s NAB Radio Show was about the Web giant’s move into selling remnant radio inventory. But Google’s Jim Woods tells Inside Radio they continue to grow, attracting “hundreds” of new advertisers to its 1,800 affiliates and rates are going up. Woods says the “breadth and depth” of advertisers increased when they added Clear Channel inventory, which “changed the dynamic” for big agencies.

Saga CEO Ed Christian:
“The roadside is littered with interlopers that don’t understand the intricacies of our business. I will not be caught in the fountain at the zoo, trying to trench out pennies.”

I agree with him, but that's not my biggest concern as radio considers adding Google to our dance card. It's their accountability.

Check out their ordering and billing approach. No notarized affidavits with the 'cross my heart, I really did run what you ordered last month' promises.

Google, it appears, has the ability to show exactly what ran, really ran, within a day or two (or less).

Radio's current process of ordering, scheduling and billing must become much more accountable and swift - soon - or we may find Google doing our traffic and billing for us too...

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