Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Country Does Well In (The First Ever!) Spring ARB Satellite Ratings

Arbitron just released the long-awaited XM and Sirius channel cume and AQH ratings as reported in the Spring 2007 meters and diaries nationally.

The number one music channel on Sirius is Scott Lindy-programmed New Country with a national cume of 455,900 and an average quarter hour audience of 20,400. Two country niches are in XM's top ten music channels, the classic country Willie’s Place (channel 13) ranks #3 and programmer Jon Anthony's new country-formatted Highway 16 is #8. All three channels are commercial-free.

Among the Sirius talk channels NASCAR ranks third, with an average weekly cume of 177,600 and 8,600 listeners in an average quarter hour. The actual races far out rank the pre-race and post-race coverages.

In general, XM's cume is higher than Sirius', but Sirius' average TSL is much higher than XM's, making the AQH ratings closer than you might think they would be, given XM's cume leadership position. If you'd like to see the entire report, contact your ARB rep or drop me an email.

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