Sunday, October 14, 2007

More Life Lessons, Picked Up The Hard Way

Umusic's Katie Dean emailed today with rehab update from Billy: It's been several months since we've heard from Billy Currington, but he reports the work he's been doing has changed him and given him a new perspective:
“The therapy that I was going through back in June and July, it didn’t stop there for me. I’ve been working with two therapists pretty intensively lately and just learning so much about the past and how it affects the present and so much about myself. It’s getting a little bit lighter now as far as our days working together but I’m going to continue for the rest of the year and then I’ll be able to get back on tour next year. But while I’m going through this, I have a new perspective on life and the way you look at people....the way you look at anything in life, it’s so changed for me and I’m thankful for it. I didn’t know it existed like this.”


Anonymous said...

Thanks a million for the update on Billy.
It was great to read something he actually said instead of second hand gossip.
I cannot wait for Billy to get better.
Vicky, Perth Western Australia

Anonymous said...

The courage to take a stand against behaviours; losing his voice; spiralling back into the childhood abuse trauma and making a choice to ask for help... speaks volumes to me on the character and dignity of billy currington to take a business break and get some wellness training on something way too many people pretend does not exist. The number of young people responding to billy's, Walk a little Straighter Daddy and then the meltdown of his vocals and everything and trying to get a grasp on what really matters- being a decent person- shows how country music artists and fans appreciate responsible actions without all the media hype. Thank you for your update and your site in so well done.