Thursday, October 11, 2007

Trick Or Treat Candy Is "What's Hot" This Month (But Not SO Hot That It Melts..)

The monthly Big Research consumer trending is out and they report that with beggar’s night almost here, 71.4% of consumers say they want their bags filled with heart-healthy Dark Chocolate, which tops their list of what’s hot for October. Video game Halo 3 and Candy Corn follow.

Perhaps with regrets of an unbridled youth, laser tattoo removal is favored by those over 35, while in fashion, women indicate that Mary Jane pumps are the hot accessory though men prefer red lipstick (though obviously not on themselves).

What’s Not?

Though popular among Midwesterners, the Cornhole game isn’t exactly scoring points with the rest of the nation.

‘Tis the season for holiday shopping, but will consumers be buying with continued conflict overseas and gas prices draining their wallets?

It appears that shoppers will be proceeding to stores with caution…while consumer confidence rose in October to 44.7% (from 41.2% in September), it’s down from the almost half (49.8%) who said they were confident/very confident one year ago.

The war with Iraq, now coupled with unrest in Myanmar, continues to weigh on consumers’ minds…17.4% worry about political and national security issues, up more than a point from September (16.1%), though down from ’06 (21.2%).

So will retailers be successful in pushing cashmere over cotton this holiday season? Though confidence increased, consumers are showing signs of hedging their spending…practicality in purchasing rises two points from September to 38.6% in October. The bright side? One year ago, more than two in five (43.3%) asserted they were adhering to the practical path.

Admit it -- while spreading holiday joy to others, you’ve also splurged a time or two yourself, and it looks like many may do the same this year…while 47.1% say they focus on needs over wants in spending (up from 43.2% last month), this figure is down from ’06 when the majority (52.3%) were focused on the essentials.

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