Friday, October 12, 2007

Are You Getting As Weary Of Mark Ramsey And Jerry Del Colliano As I Am?

I don't question their passion, intelligence, knowledge or sincerity, but the constant drumbeat of daily nagging on the same issue (The ongoing tragedy of HD radio, Radio and Records – What Went Wrong, etc, etc, etc) has turned from helpful and informative to negative and cyncial "I told you so" nagging for me.

"HD Radio is going to be an abysmal failure and internet radio is the future." Nag, nag, nag.

Check and double check. Got it. Bought the book. Saw the movie. Read the white paper.

So, is anything else more positive going on in your lives, guys? I keep clicking on your links in hopes that there is.


Anonymous said...

Ramsey, Gorman, and Del Colliano are all right-on when it comes to HD Radio being a farce and a failure - but, in Ramsey's latest maggot post, he definaely has an "agenda". Since there is zero consumer interest in HD Radio, Ramsey suggests sneaking this garbage technology into crappy $15 radio without consumers knowledge. Sounds just like what those maggots at iBiquty would do.

HD Radio is a farce:

Anonymous said...

Amen Jaye.

Del Colliano writes as a doom and gloom guy, presenting no real solutions to the ills he blogs.

Ramsey to a lesser extent as Mark offers some solutions and ideas to the topics he presents.

Albright & O'Malley said...

I believe you may have just made MY point. What in the world does all this negativity and name-calling accomplish? But, thanks for engaging in a dialog on it. There's no doubt that if we don't talk and listen, nothing good happens.

Rob said...

I think when anyone writes about anything frequently in this manner, it's not just about wanting to be heard, but wanting to affect change, and validate their own position. While you guys are saying "alright already" Mark is essentially saying "no one is listening to me". It's clear no one at Ibiquity, or NAB is listening on the HD radio front, because they haven't changed their tactics.

Obviously lots of folks in radio agree with Mark, but they aren't doing anything to affect change either.

A revolution needs to occur around HD radio - either do something to get it into people's hands in a relatively quick and simple manner, or dump it. Because watching it languish is just as painful as hearing about its languishing.


Rob said...
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Anonymous said...

HD Radio is simply a scam by the HD Alliance and iBiquity to jam smaller broadcasters off the dial with adjacent-channel interference, and to prop up a failing radio industry with garbage HD radio sales:

“HD Radio on the Offense”

“But after an investigation of HD Radio units, the stations playing HD, and the company that owns the technology; and some interviews with the wonks in DC, it looks like HD Radio is a high-level corporate scam, a huge carny shill.”

"Radio: Internet Radio or HD Radio. You choose!"

"Here’s the choice - supplementary channels of varied audio quality from the same radio chains that deliver today’s unimaginative terrestrial radio formats or worldwide radio of every imaginable format and style where the passion is in the performance?... And, most of all, who’ll apologize for the time and money spent, the years the radio industry bought into it, and the deceitfulness suffered because of Ibiquity and the HD Radio Alliance's misguidance."

“Is HD Radio Toast?”

“There are serious issues of coverage. Early adopters who bought HD radios report serious drop-outs, poor coverage, and interference. The engineers of Ibiquity may argue otherwise and defend the system, but the industry has a serious PR problem with the very people we need to get the word out on HD… In New York City, the #1 market in the country, there are 25 stations broadcasting 42 HD channels. You’ll find CHR, AC, Classic Rock, Hip-Hop, News, Talk, and Sports. In other words, everything you can find on the regular FM dial… The word has already gotten out about HD Radio. People who have already bought an HD Radio are telling others of their experience (mostly bad) and no amount of marketing will reverse this.”

Enough? There's more here: