Friday, August 03, 2007

Welcome Back, Garth And Trisha

The Garth Brooks rumor mill is at it again with suspicions of a reported comeback. Dial-Global reports on a Country Aircheck hint that says, "Music Row is buzzing with rumors that one of the biggest stars in format history has recorded an album and is planning a return to the airwaves. While nobody's commenting officially, we hear this soccer dad's choice for a label vehicle is likely to foster spousal harmony." Since Garth is a soccer dad, and his wife, Trisha Yearwood, recently signed to Big Machine Records, the question lies in whether they'll also be label mates. Big Machine will neither confirm nor deny the rumors.

Prediction: we'll know what Garth is planning within 14 days. Hopefully, he's ready to really hit the road (with Trisha?) and get face to face with as many fans as possible. His last comeback attempt was stalled, not because of the quality of the music he put out but his inaccessibility to fans via radio, where they continue to wait for the kind of great personal service which made him famous in the early '90s. Ask anyone who knows him: if he sets his mind (and resources) to doing it, it's going to get very exciting quite quickly.

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