Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Internet News Audience Gets Their Radio News From Only One Station

A recent exclusive Web release of a McKinsey study suggests that consumers are thwarting the efforts of the media's significant investments in upgrading online news properties with digital technology in hopes of "owning" customers. The online survey shows that the respondents divide their time among as many as 16 different news properties a week.

Respondents answered questions about their news habits across five media platforms (radio, television, newspapers, magazines, and the Internet) and about their preferences among 100 news brands. The survey found that consumers rely on a large number of brands: 12 to 16 a week across five different platforms.

Respondents reported using many of those brands daily or, in the case of Internet news sites, many times a day. The reasons given for visiting a number of sources included "every news event has at least two sides," to "get all the facts," to "form my own opinion," or to find specific types of content, such as local news.

This "Brand promiscuity" says the report, is the norm. The findings have implications for media companies as they refine their products and strategies.

Number of News Sources Visited in Past Week
TV (broadcast and cable) - 6
Internet - 3
Magazines - 1
Newspapers - 1
Radio - 1 (hopefully, YOU are that ONE!)
Source: McKinsey Survey, 2006

Respondents, however, expressed clear preferences for certain platforms.

Percent of respondents describing certain media most useful ranked as follows:
Television 45%
Internet 26
Newspaper 18%
Radio 10%
Magazines 1%

When asked to explain which sources of news were most useful, respondents expressed a preference for those offering convenience, comprehensiveness, or timeliness rather than quality.

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