Monday, August 06, 2007

A&O At The R&R Convention: "2007's Best Ten Minutes Of Country Radio"

R&R Country Editor R.J. Curtis' Country Session will be on Wednesday (9/26/07) from 10:15 am to Noon and Michael and Jaye will kick it off with a new audio visual interactive presentation showcasing the very best audio and even web and TV video of country's top radio stations, and they dissect the targeting, values, content, entertainment and production elements to learn from these terrific moments of great country radio understand what makes them so compelling and engaging.

The format has gotten more competitive in many market situations over the last several years and the winning country stations have learned how to improve their game in ways that hold onto the traditional core, while building Gen X and Gen Y listening. You'll hear how they are doing it and what the latest strategies and tactics being employed are in this entertaining and enlightening session.

We will see you at R&R '07!

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