Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Adjusting To Internet Time

Paul Parton writes:
"Even in the midst of a fast-changing technology and marketing environment, we respond the same way we always have to love, passion, fear and greed. As communications pros, concerned with changing (or reinforcing) behavior, we need to think about how to engage that love and passion and fear and greed. That job hasn't changed. It's the "butterfly effect," a shift in consumer behavior that's going to result in profound changes - the way we think about brands, the way we engage with people and the way we structure ourselves to do it."

He's talking about advertising in an internet age and NOT radio, right??

So, that means there NO's need for US to compress the periods of time in all our content which don't move listeners emotionally, while speeding up everything that isn't about connecting to our community, right?


Listen to an average quarter hour of your show.

Feel anything?

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