Friday, August 03, 2007

Country's Word Of Mouth Marketing Opportunity

Bridge Ratings’ this week released part 5 of its on-going two-year study of the changing landscape of radio listeners and it's great news for country radio... if we make the most of the information.

“We’ve been talking to listeners of all ages, all format preferences and all geographies and as with most consumer products, radio too has consumers who are far more active than what we’ve known to be called P1 – or Preference 1 listeners. P1’s are radio’s most devout heavy listeners, but there is a much more passionate group we call “The New Influentials” who are even more important. Find the Influentials for your radio station and market to them heavily. If you play your cards right, not only will they listen to you longer and more often, but they’ll be your most important advocates both on-line and off.”

-- Bridge Ratings’ President Dave Van Dyke

The New Influentials comprise about 10% of all radio audiences, but all formats are not created equal. Country has one of the highest composition of these New Influentials.

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