Monday, August 27, 2007

CHFX, Halifax's Denyse Sibley Gets One Of Those Gold Stars Life Gives Now And Then..

Thanks to PD Allan Gidyk for sending this email to me which Denyse got from a listener's boss:
"I am the Manager of Access Nova Scotia (also a Club FX member and loyal listener). On August 1st you talked about one of my employees (Pam Locke) on the radio and commended her on the great service you received. I actually have a clip of that and Pam will be receiving a Service Star Award for her Great Service. I have also played the clip to Pam and co-workers. My question is...I heard you read an email Pam sent you to Thank you on the following day and I thought it was also very nice and I was wondering if it would be possible for me to have a clip of that one also? I think you deserve a Service Star Award also, you are wonderful with people and it should not go unnoticed. Keep up the Great work!!"
We all know that every single time you crack the mic someone important could possibly be listening and even the smallest bit of content can make a difference in someone's life right now.
Need proof? Thanks, Denyse, for giving us some.

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