Monday, August 20, 2007

"More Than A Memory" - Will It Leak Before Next Monday?

He retired in 2001 and has kept his word that he wanted to spend more time with his three daughters, meaning that there won't be a return to the full-court press he gave us all in the 1990's, but in Nashville on Saturday, Brooks pledged to promote the new greatest hits disc aggressively starting in October.

"You're going to see us everywhere. It's my job to let people know it's out there. And then after February, I'm going to go back to whatever I was doing before this." -- GB

Since it's simply terrific and it's due to hit radio next Monday (the single won't won't be available - at least for now - on iTunes, since Garth wants them to keep the entire album's contextual integrity). Thus, radio will be the only place to hear it! Will they be able to keep the very powerful "More Than a Memory," co-written by Lee Brice, Kyle Jacobs and Billy Montana, under wraps this week?

I'll admit it: if I had a copy, I'd be playing it now.

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Scott Borchetta said...

I handed the copy of the disc from the GRS sessions directly back to him so I didn't have it and wouldn't be tempted to leak it... I can honestly tell you that I don't have it, by design, to leak it! T Minus 5 days, 15 hours & 16 minutes...