Thursday, September 28, 2006

When Radio Pays For The Research, It Has To Be Believable

.. and you have to pat the RAEL Committee on the backs for doing impeccable work, which not only positions our medium very effectively but also looks better and more credible the closer you look at all of the stats and methodology.

The full report can be downloaded by clicking below.

* Personal Relevance Two: Radio's Receptive Ad Environment (published September 2006)
Executive Summary: Personal Relevance Two: Radio's Receptive Ad Environment (four-page summary of the results)

Does your content and self-promotion "provide a pathway to the consumer's mind that can provide better emotional connections?
Of the four media examined in the study, radio was clearly chosen as the medium most closely linked with personal mood enhancement, relaxation, and motivation. 55% of respondents said radio was the medium most likely to improve their mood compared to the other three media in the study."

Is your choice of language and other theater of the mind tools our medium offers making the most of this possibility?

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