Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Mark Ramsey Stands Up For Radio

Mark Ramsey, president of San Diego-based Mercury Radio Research, will remind conventioneers of things that are right about radio in a presentation today.

Mr. Ramsey says radio folks read newspapers and magazines and watch television. And the media like to report on what's hot. "The assumption is that if something's hot in the moment, something else must be cool in the moment," he says. "There are a lot of strengths that radio has evident in the research that we've done. It's not the story that's being told."

His company compared the images that consumers have in their minds of commercial radio, satellite radio, MP3 players and cellphone radio.
"We get into this mode where we think, 'Commercial radio is a bad satellite radio, or commercial radio is a bad iPod,' " he says. "But they're different. In fact, if they weren't different, the new introduction wouldn't be successful. Here's why: Satisfaction with radio is overwhelming." In a 1,000-person national study that his company did of people ages 12 through 54, just 11 people said they didn't listen to radio.

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