Saturday, September 02, 2006

Paragon: 81% Consider The Morning Show "Important In Choosing A Favorite Radio Station"

Don Anthony's Talentmasters deserves a huge "KUDOS" for another amazing Morning Show Boot Camp '06.

Worth a click: the online Power Point slide show from Paragon Media Strategies Researcher Sara Schueller's morning radio national perceptual study.

Factioids: morning radio, as judged by its listeners has gotten better in the last five years (+8% momentum), but it's better for men than it is for women.

The majority want "real people who don't take themselves too seriously who talk about things in the news, local issues and current events." Women want more talk about entertainment and celebrity gossip than men do.

Tuneouts: The host giving opinions (I disagree with), too many commercials, making fun of people with inappropriate humor, too much talk, laughter about things you don't find funny.

Has Katie's departure and all the changes in the lineups of morning TV opened an opportunity for morning radio at home? 31% say they are watching less morning TV lately.

Analog radio has a big head start on internet and satellite. Opie and Anthony have good reason to be optimistic in their return to replace Howard.

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