Wednesday, July 20, 2005

You Are So Radio, If....

I love what Inside Radio is planning for its NAB issue. (click for more info) YOU ARE SO RADIO IF...

Voice your experiences, frustrations, failures, successes, blunders, etc. from the past year in the radio biz...

Give the best reasons why "you are SO radio if..."

Results will be printed in the INSIDE RADIO NAB 2005 Special Edition with copies available at the NAB show.

I'll start:

... to you, a "safe list" is not an inventory of potential burglary targets.
... you think target listeners are born at the age of 12.
... you think that our two ears provide more vivid mental pictures than our two eyes do.

BUT, I like their example better: "You are so radio if... you know the radio executive who decided that "playing what we want" was a good slogan for the JACK... "

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You are SO radio....if the words "dead-air" immediatley sends you into a panic, running for the monitoring radio and adjusting like crazy...(we meant there was "dead-air" on the phone line...GM didn't hear that part).