Thursday, July 21, 2005

Positive Self-Talk

What you tell yourself in your own head has a lot to do with what happens to you, and how you perceive it, I firmly believe.

.. which is why I was impressed with Kevin Carter's R&R Street Talk quote from Elroy Smith at Clear Channel’s WGCI/Chicago in celebration of an amazing (5.4-6.3) spring 2005 ARB: "I have come to realize, after being at WGCI for over 13 years, that this is a giant radio station that delivers more than the biggest records in the world— it’s also reflective of the lifestyle of our listeners. We are the black CNN of radio with music and the stars! For instance, we can talk about the importance of education, political issues, violence, teenage pregnancy and fathers’ rights and still maintain the integrity of our format."

And, speaking of memorable quotes in celebration of great Chicago books, Infinity country WUSN had a lot to celebrate too.

PD Mike Peterson said it all in this memo to his staff: "We have and will continue to hold ourselves to higher standards in and out of the radio station--the results are and will continue to be "consistently" better ratings! Thank you for your hard work, passion for the station, and solid execution of the format!!"

Amen. Like Brooks & Dunn say, "That's What It's ALL About."

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